About Liveaboard Dive Cruises

The concept & beauty of liveaboard dive & exploration cruises!


The listed cruise ships in our portfolio are mainly Sailing Ships which are referred as Phinisi Schooners or Bugis Schooners and Motor Boats or Yachts. All kind of boats listed here are exclusively constructed for its purpose to cruise and explore the Indonesian Archipelago for divers but also for snorkelers and explorers.

Liveaboards are one of the best ways to explore the Indonesian Archipelago and it's oceans and of the best ways to scuba dive and relax!

What defines a liveaboards cruise ship?

Simply enough, a liveaboard boat is exactly as it sounds, a boat designed for people to live a board.  A large self-sufficient boat that you can live on through the duration of your Indonesian Archipelago cruise. All sleeping, eating, diving, snorkeling and relaxing provisions are provided.

In Phuket there is a wide range to select from. There are budget options all the way to your own private yacht with private staff, cooks and dive guides.

Liveaboards offers opportunities to stay for one or more night and offers you the possibilities to travel to dive sites that cannot be reached on a day trip and provide more flexibility in dive sites. Liveaboard cruise ships normally cater for 10 to 30 people. Divers and non-divers are usually priced equally - but some boats offer a discount to non-divers or offer several exploration cruises throughout the Indonesian Archipelago where diving is not scheduled as the main and only activity.

Cabins and boats offer a vast range options. Accommodation is usually shared however some do offer private rooms. All will provide you with sheets and bedding, most with towels and in this region most cabins have their own air conditioners. Some of the more luxurious boats with have their own private en suite, fridge and televisions.

All meals are provided with both in doors and outdoor dining areas and what better way to enjoy a meal than by having a spectacular sunrise or sunset of the beautiful islands as a backdrop.

Most have outdoor and indoor relaxing areas most with padded sundecks and all with provide indoor entertainment with reading areas and television rooms.

Scuba diving on a liveaboard cruise ship is about as easy as it gets. You set your equipment up on day one when you arrive and that is where it stays until the end of your adventure.

Liveaboards traditionally offer 4 or 12 day dive options with all offering the option of a night dive and all will provide you with an experienced dive guide. However dive options are up to you. Some customers love to do every dive offered to them during the day, some choose to do only one or two dives and are there more for the relaxing lifestyle the liveaboards provide.